Project Assignments

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Research for Recruiting

This is the foundation of our work. It is the core of all we do. Our research services are designed to sharpen and boost the recruiting process, but they may also be used to:

  • Identify and source candidates for a single or multiple positions
  • Develop a source file of potential candidates for further openings
  • Obtain a snapshot picture of a particular market
  • Gather intelligence about organization structure, compensation packages, job structures, marketing and product information

When research services are used in the recruiting process the results provide a timely and cost effective way to reach and evaluate potential candidates who are not in the job market. These people are actively engaged in their current jobs and don’t have the time or inclination to look elsewhere. These are exactly the people you need to consider.

Research for recruiting follows the same steps used in search assignments up to a point. During an in-person or phone interview with the client, we establish the following:

Other Research Services

There will be other times when you need to assess a market. Forearmed with competitive intelligence, you can be prepared to act quickly.

  • To anticipate sudden staffing changes
  • To enter a new business venture knowing the current practices of the competition: compensation packages; organization structuring; how goods/services are delivered; etc.


There are times when a broader net should be cast for positions that are entry level or require generic experience: positions that are more common in the market. Posting/advertising/internet mining services may be more appropriate. On your behalf we can dedicate the time and skill to sieve and winnow the most appropriate candidates.

Contract Recruiting

When there is a temporary need for supplemented staff, we can dedicate an experienced recruitment professional to work on site.

Project Management

We can customize a recruitment plan to manage your staffing needs on a project basis. We will work as an integral adjunct to the Human Resources Department to streamline and expedite recruiting, using client approved formats, reporting methods and time frames.