Our process begins and ends with listening. We listen to your needs and obtain feedback throughout. In between we conduct a targeted search for the people who possess the skills, abilities and style to contribute to your company.

Assess Needs
Each assignment begins with a client interview. We gather information about the organization, its history, culture, structure and plans. We interview the human resources contact and the hiring manager to learn about the position: the reason it is open, responsibilities, scope, reporting structure, compensation plan and career path. Based on this information we develop an ideal candidate profile outlining experience, education and style.

Develop Strategy
This candidate profile will in part determine the search strategy. Other considerations include industry, business analysis, relocation issues, client preferences.

Identify Talent
We can then begin our research to target specific organizations and individuals within those organizations who should have the best mix of knowledge and know-how. Our tools include a variety of on-line and off-line data sources.

Screen & Evaluate Candidates
These individuals are contacted and screened for fit and interest. A “candidate profile” is prepared for those who are interested and qualified. A resume is also obtained. In a search assignment these individuals are interviewed in person.

The most appropriate candidates  are recommended to the client for consideration.

Obtain Feedback
We will obtain feedback from clients and candidates and share information as appropriate.

Assist with Negotiations
If appropriate, we will assist with offer negotiations, including compensation, benefits, start date or other considerations. We will coordinate reference and background checks where needed.